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Introducing the world’s first party eyelash adhesive that applies like mascara!

Achieve instant, sexy lashes with the SARAH JEAN adhesive. It’s anti-allergenic, latex free and water soluble. It won’t drip or make a mess when you apply.

Use with the tweezer applicator tool for easy application. The eyelash adhesive doesn’t stick to the rubber tips of the tweezers….so no more sticky fingers!

How does it work?

Apply the eyelash adhesive like mascara BUT before you apply mascara. Apply a little adhesive to the strip of the false eyelashes and using the tweezer applicator tool, place the false eyelashes and clamp your false and real lashes together.

Also easy to remove

Removing your lashes is just as easy! Gently peel off the false eyelashes. With a foaming face cleanser, massage your real lashes for 20 seconds. This softens the glue, which forms little balls you can wipe away without damaging your real lashes.

For more detailed video instructions on how to apply & remove, click HERE!

Introducing a different way to apply lashes - click to watch!

The 3 piece kit has everything you need!

It includes a set of lashes + adhesive + tweezers – 3 products for $57. You choose your favourite lash style and colour adhesive. The clear glue goes on white and dries clear – perfect for people who struggle. The black adhesive is for people who are more confident applying party lashes.

All products are VEGAN and CRUELTY FREE!

CLICK TO BUY (FREE postage Australia wide)! 

‘I absolutely LOVED them! They were so incredibly easy to apply and lasted the whole night I wore them!! I did have to build up the courage to try them however once i watched the video I was fine! I must say, I had a shoot on Monday this week and they applied lashes on me and after using yours, these lashes were painful and extremely uncomfortable!! Congratulations on such an amazing product!!!’ 

– Linda,


‘I’m not very dexterous with false eyelashes so I never wear them, but this kit makes them super quick and easy to use. Highly recommended.’

– My Weekly Preview, Leigh Robshaw


The lightest, most comfortable & natural lashes on the market, $17 per set

The SARAH JEAN lashes are incredibly light weight. Forget bulky, fake looking, heavy lashes!! The SARAH JEAN eyelashes either have a clear band or really thin black band – blending beautifully with your real lashes.

The band, like the glue, is also LATEX FREE so ideal for people with sensitive skin or latex allergies. 

Choose from five eyelash styles. From natural yet feminine, to super fluttery, flirty and sexy – there’s a style for every occasion.

What lash style is for you?

SJ001 – the most popular style as they add thickness and a little length. Perfect if you aren’t used to wearing lashes and want people to think you’re simply blessed with gorgeous luscious lashes! BUY HERE!

SJ002 – great for Asian eyes and for the 1920s glam look. BUY HERE!

SJ003 – the lash strands are lovely and long but sparse so like SJ001, they are natural but pretty. BUY HERE!

SJ004 – the longest of the collection, these babies are super fluttery but still light-weight and easy to wear. Perfect for weddings and events where you want the super glam look! BUY HERE!

SJ005 – if you want sexy, full, luscious lashes, then these are the ones for you.  BUY HERE!

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