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Are your eyelashes short? Fair…barely there? You’ve tried using false lashes but it’s messy, difficult & leaves you flustered & late!

SARAH JEAN is the solution – introducing the world’s first party eyelash glue that applies like mascara. For beautiful lashes every time.

SARAH JEAN – How does it work?

Apply the SARAH JEAN eyelash adhesive like mascara BUT before you apply mascara. Apply a little adhesive to the strip of the false eyelashes and using the tweezer applicator tool, place the false eyelashes and clamp your false and real eyelashes together.

For Some Extra Help, Try This…

You can swap the steps so you apply the adhesive to the strip of the lashes FIRST. Then once you have positioned the lashes and have them in place, use the tip of the adhesive brush to add more adhesive to your real lashes.
You can then clamp your real lashes and false lashes together.

This is particularly helpful if your eyesight isn’t so good or you’re new to lash application.

Also easy to remove

Removing your SARAH JEAN eyelashes are just as easy! Gently peel off the false eyelashes. With a foaming face cleanser, massage your real lashes for 30 seconds. This softens the glue, which forms little balls you can wipe away without damaging your real eyelashes.


‘I tried your products yesterday and wow! It’s amazing!!!!! Lashes in general are are not forte to apply but this was by far the best system I have ever used. The lashes themselves were beautiful. Not too much and gave me beautiful full lashes that didn’t look “fake” just very full and glamorous. I was amazed that they were so easy to remove and didn’t stick to my lashes or pull when trying to remove them.’

– Pinup model, Goldie Bardot

‘I absolutely LOVED them! They were so incredibly easy to apply and lasted the whole night I wore them!! I did have to build up the courage to try them however once i watched the video I was fine! I must say, I had a shoot on Monday this week and they applied lashes on me and after using yours, these lashes were painful and extremely uncomfortable!! Congratulations on such an amazing product!!!’ 

– Linda,


‘I’m not very dexterous with false eyelashes so I never wear them, but this kit makes them super quick and easy to use. Highly recommended.’

– My Weekly Preview, Leigh Robshaw


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