Your Questions About The SARAH JEAN Adhesive Answered!

Your Questions About The SARAH JEAN Adhesive Answered!
April 18, 2017 Sarah Baker
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How Does An Eyelash Glue With A Mascara Style Brush Actually Work?

Because it offers a mess-free, drip-free way to apply the false lashes

There are two ways you can use the SARAH JEAN adhesive, which is the first of its kind in the whole world! You can apply the adhesive to your real lashes like mascara (before you apply mascara), adding adhesive to the false eyelash strip and then place the false lashes before clamping with the fabulous Tweezer Applicator Tool.

But if your eyesight isn’t quite what it used to be or you’re a novice when it comes to applying false eyelashes, simply swap the order. For example, apply the lash glue to the strip first, then place with the Tweezer Applicator Tool, then use the SARAH JEAN eyelash adhesive brush (the tip of the brush) to add more glue.

Now we have the easy application explained, click the video below to find out what’s unique about the adhesive and why you’ll want to try it if you’re so done with messy, regular lash products.

When paired with any one of the five SARAH JEAN false eyelash styles, you’ll enjoy longer lasting, natural looking, beautiful and best of all, EASY TO APPLY LASHES anytime you like!

If you missed it in the video, lashes are just as easy to remove without damaging your real lashes.

Yours in fabulous lashes!

Sarah Jean Baker xo


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