How To Apply False Eyelashes Tips From Sarah Jean

How To Apply False Eyelashes Tips From Sarah Jean
July 10, 2017 Sarah Baker

How to apply false eyelashes the easy way with Sarah Jean lashes

Applying false eyelashes… yourself? Eeek! It can be a frustrating, messy job… but here are some handy steps I hope answers the question: how do you put on false eyelashes?

Putting on false eyelashes… at home… without a makeup artist doing it for you!? I can feel you shudder! But we so desperately want long, fabulous, sexy lashes, right… so what to do!

Firstly, don’t be put off if it takes you a couple of attempts before you can master your false eyelash application. With a little patience, practice and working out what method works best for you, you’ll soon enough be donning luscious, fluttery false eyelashes less the mess and hassle.


To do so, here are our top tips for how to put on false eyelashes:

  1. Practice. You are using glue and a delicate, flimsy accessory so take your time and practice. Have a couple of goes lining up the false eyelashes; figure out where to best place them and how adjusting the way you hold your head and place the lashes can make all the difference.
  2. Check the lashes for size and trim if necessary. Not checking the false eyelashes for size can be the difference between eyelashes that are uncomfortable and dig in, to lashes that are light and comfortable. How do you trim false eyelashes? Click here for a quick video on how to trim false eyelashes.
    1. If you do need to trim your false lashes, check again after you have cut a little off before you start applying the glue. You want to be sure the false eyelashes are definitely the right size.
  3. Make sure you have the false eyelashes and tools within easy reach.
  4. Stand REALLY close to a mirror in a well-lit space.
  5. Line up the false eyelashes along your real lash line so you know where and how to place them. After you have done this, you’re ready to apply the glue.

    Using the Sarah Jean false eyelash glue, you can apply one of two ways:

    1. Apply the glue directly to your real eyelashes, then to the strip of the false eyelashes adding extra glue to the ends of the false eyelash strip.
    2. Swap the order, and apply the glue to the strip first, position along your lash line and then add more glue to the underneath of your real lashes **this option is better for people new to lash application or who have poorer eyesight as we know it can be tricky lining up the false eyelash to your real lash line**
  6. It may sound odd, but the position of your body and the way you tilt your head can make a HUGE difference. For example, if you tilt your head back so your eyes look down (and NOT closing your eyes… it sounds a little patronising but it happens lol), it will help you to better line up the false eyelashes as close to your real lash line as possible.

    Argghhhh… Lining up the lashes to your lash line… the often tricky part so read these steps and see how you go!

    1. Once you have lined up the outer part (longer part) of the false eyelash to the outer part of your eye, hold it there for a second. Then gently press the false eyelash towards your nose.
      You may find that at about 3/4 of the way towards your nose that the lash wants to lift.
      Just relax, keep holding the outer part of the lash in position with the Sarah Jean lash tweezers, and with your fingertip, press the last bit of the inner part of the lash towards your nose.
  7. Making sure the false eyelash tweezers are clean (free from dust and glue), clamp your real eyelashes and false eyelashes together. This further binds the lashes together to prevent lashes from lifting! You can also take the tip of the false eyelash glue brush and add a little extra glue to the underneath of your real eyelashes. Then clamp a final time.
  8. Finish with mascara if you wish but using the tip of the mascara brush to avoid moving the lashes.
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Other info to help you with deciding how to apply false eyelashes in a way that’s best for you

  1. When trimming, cut a little bit off the lash at a time, then check again. Whether you trim the longer or shorter part is a personal choice… and depends on whether you want to keep the length or not.
  2. I usually advise applying mascara afterwards if you want, however, if you have very short or sparse lashes, you might prefer to have a little mascara on like Juanita Heart does, read her tips here.
  3. One side is often easier than the other depending on whether you’re right or left-handed. Thus have a play with the lashes to find out where to place them, then once you’re comfortable, apply the glue.

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