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    Sarah Jean 5 piece kit with Sarah Jean eyelashes and adhesive
    $81.00 $75.00

    Kit For Fake Lashes 5 Piece Set: 3 x Lashes + Glue + Tweezers

    Choose your 3 favourite eyelash styles - all light, synthetic, reusable and flattering, and colour adhesive; includes the tweezers.
    $81.00 $75.00

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    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    $81.00 $75.00
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    Sarah Jean three piece kit with eyelashes, adhesive and tweezers
    $57.00 $55.00

    Eyelash Kit For Fake Lashes: Lash Glue + Lashes + Tweezers

    The 3 Piece Kit includes the eyelash adhesive, tweezers and a set of lashes. It's your answer to gorgeous, easy to apply, mess-free lashes. The glue's just as easy to remove too without damaging your lashes. Gently massage your real lashes for 30 seconds with a cleanser and water. You'll find it forms little clumps that can be wiped away.
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    Rated 4.92 out of 5
    $57.00 $55.00
  • Sarah Jean eyelash adhesive in black

    False Eyelash Glue – Black with Mess Free Brush

    Sick of fiddly eyelash glues? SARAH JEAN is the solution. Its mascara style brush means glue glides on; no mess, no drips (oh & it's easy to remove)! The black eyelash adhesive enhances the appearance of your lashes by making them look thicker while keeping in place your SARAH JEAN false eyelashes.

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    Rated 4.00 out of 5

What's Different About The SARAH JEAN Glue?

Introducing The World’s First Party Eyelash Glue That Applies Like Mascara

For Easy False Eyelash Application… So You Can Enjoy Stunning Celebrity Style Lashes Without The Fuss Or Hefty Price Tag

The SARAH JEAN party eyelash glue is the first of its kind. The Australian invention offers a mess-free, fuss-free way to enjoy false eyelashes anytime you like.

If you’re sworn off expensive and often damaging false eyelash extensions or you’re fed up with messy eyelash glues, SARAH JEAN is your perfect alternative.

The SARAH JEAN eyelash adhesive is vegan-friendly, latex free, anti-allergenic and water soluble.

The false eyelash glue is available in clear and black.

The clear glue is great if you’re new to lash application, you’re a complete novice or your eyesight isn’t quite what it used to be. If you make a mistake, who will know! The black eyelash glue is for people that are more confident applying. You don’t have to finish with mascara as it already creates a fuller look.

Just As Easy To Remove

The SARAH JEAN party eyelash glues are just as easy to remove as they are easy to apply!

Gently peel off the false eyelashes and with water and foaming face wash, lightly massage your real lashes for 30 seconds. The glue forms little balls you can wipe away without damaging your real lashes.

If any adhesive remains, gently wipe your eyes with a washer or towel to remove any remaining bits of eyelash glue.

SARAH JEAN is Cruelty Free Vegan