How To Check Your False Lashes For Size

How To Check Your False Lashes For Size
May 8, 2017 Sarah Baker
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How To Check Your False Lashes Are The Right Size

Watch the video below for tips on how to check your SARAH JEAN lashes are the right size for your eyes

The SARAH JEAN lash styles won’t fit everyone’s eyes. So you may need to trim a little off the lashes before using the adhesive and applying them.

If you don’t check for size and apply right away, the lashes may feel uncomfortable and they may also be hard to apply as it’s likely that you will not get them to sit flush against your lash line.

So to make sure the lashes fit your eyes and are not only comfortable to wear but easy to apply, watch the below video for great tips on how to measure and trim.

Depending on the lash style and the look you are going for, will depend on whether you trim the lashes from the outer (the longer part) or the inner. For the longer styles, you might like to trim the outer to create a more subtle look more suitable for during the day, or for a high-impact look, you might prefer to keep the length and trim from the inner (the shorter section).

While there are just five styles in the SARAH JEAN collection, they are very versatile and look different on everyone. So why not try them all? We’ve created a beautiful pack with one of each of the five styles so you can sample each style and choose your favourites. It’s at a very special price of $69 ($85 value) – CLICK HERE to experience the five SARAH JEAN styles.

Lashes are just as easy to remove without damaging your real lashes.

Yours in fabulous lashes!

Sarah Jean Baker xo

SARAH JEAN cruelty free lashes

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  1. donna rothamer 9 months ago

    thank you so much for the instructions on how to apply false eyelashes.i do not know what my problem is,…but I seem to have a problem with applying false eyelashes as well as you do.i usually end up taking them off before I even step out the door.but I think with your instruction,i may be able to apply them…not as well as you though 🙂 I am going to practice,practice and I actually printed up your lessons,so I have them at home while attemping the application.again,THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP

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