FAQs For the SARAH JEAN Products

  1. Can the SARAH JEAN tweezer applicator tool and adhesive be used with other lash brands?
    YES. The products have however been tested with SARAH JEAN lashes, which are light-weight and synthetic, which the adhesive works best with.
  2. Will the adhesive damage my real lashes?
    After wearing the SARAH JEAN lashes applied with the SARAH JEAN false eyelash adhesive, carefully peel of the false eyelashes. The SARAH JEAN adhesive is water soluble, but this doesn’t mean water will dissolve the adhesive.
    Use a foaming face cleanser and water to gently massage your lashes with your fingertips for at least 20 seconds. This will soften the adhesive, which forms little clumps you can wipe away with a wash cloth or towel. By doing so, you will have little to no impact to your real eyelashes. If you find your real lashes are a little tacky still, please massage with a cleanser and water for a little longer to completely remove. You do not need to wash the false lashes every time to reuse them. Please them back on to the blister tray and into the box to avoid getting dusty.
  3. What is the adhesive made from?
    The ingredients for the clear and black adhesive are found on the relevant product pages. We have chosen an anti-allergenic glue, that is water soluble, and latex free. It also does not have a toxic smell like many eyelash glues.
  4. Why are SARAH JEAN lashes synthetic?
    Synthetic is cruelty free, light-weight, the strip is latex free and synthetic can be made at an excellent quality. The SARAH JEAN synthetic false / party eyelashes are really light weight and thus very comfortable. Once applied, you’ll forget you’re wearing party lashes! The SARAH JEAN lashes aren’t fake looking, bulky or heavy like many other types of false eyelashes. The SARAH JEAN false eyelashes have a clear strip or really fine black strip so they camouflage really well with your natural lashes.
  5. How many times can I wear my SARAH JEAN lashes?
    You can re-wear them three to six times generally. Because you only need a light layer of the SARAH JEAN glue when originally applying them, you should not have very much adhesive attached to the lashes when you remove them. They don’t need to be washed to re-wear them but you can pop them in water with a face wash over night. This will remove the glue and mascara so you can wear them again and again.
  6. Will I need to cut my lashes before use?
    The lashes chosen are not really long (length ways) so they should fit most peoples’ eyes without needing to trim. If you do however want to cut them, simply measure against your eye, cut one side of the lash and measure against the other false eyelash to ensure they’re both the same length. Making sure you cut to fit your eye is the most crucial step to ensuring your lashes are comfortable and easy to apply. Having the right size makes a huge difference.
  7. Are the SARAH JEAN products cruelty free?
    Yes! SARAH JEAN has accreditation from PETA for being cruelty free and vegan friendly. We will apply for accreditation with Australia’s Choose Cruelty Free once we have been trading for a year, which is their requirement.

SARAH JEAN products are changing lash application at home

the SARAH JEAN products are changing lash application at home – for the better!