Model Ruby Applies Sarah Jean Lashes

Model Ruby Applies Sarah Jean Lashes
August 15, 2017 Sarah Baker

It’s not every day someone does a video review of your products, but the lovely Ruby  Alabaster did just that. In this video, she applies Sarah Jean lash style SJ004 and uses the clear glue. If you’re a little unsure how to use the eyelash tweezers, Ruby covers this too.

The only things I would advise on are:

  1. Use the tip of your mascara brush to apply mascara rather than brushing it on like normal and as Ruby does. The reason I say this is because you don’t want to move the lashes once they’re in place.
  2. Where Ruby finishes with a little powder after applying, to make your lashes camouflage that little bit more, go over your liquid eyeliner again… that is if you are wearing liquid eyeliner. I find it covers up the lash strip even better.

But find a method that works best for you by having a practice run as… practice makes perfect!

Thank you, Ruby đŸ™‚ and happy watching!

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