SARAH JEAN False Eyelash Styles

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Five Stunning, Flattering, Cruelty-Free, Reusable Lash Styles

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  • SARAH JEAN 2 lash pack-min

    2 Sets Lash Pack – Choose Your Styles

    Enjoy beautiful, upmarket, feminine and cruelty-free lashes. Select your favourite two lash styles and pay just $14.50 per set instead of $17 each. To save even more, try the 3 or 5 Lash Packs!

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  • SARAH JEAN false eyelashes

    3 Set Lash Pack – Choose Your Styles

    Choose your favourite three styles. Mix and max and pay just $13 per set instead of the individual price of $17.

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  • SARAH JEAN 3 Lash Pack SJ001

    3 Sets Lash Pack – 3 Of The Same Styles

    Images are in order from style SJ001 to SJ005 - scroll to see all the styles. Enjoy lovely lashes for just $13 each in the 3 Pack instead of the RRP of $17 each. What's not to love about that - upmarket, flattering, cruelty-free lashes at a great price! Add your 3 Pack using the dropdown.

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  • SARAH JEAN 5 pack

    5 Sets Lash Pack – Choose Your Styles With Huge Savings

    Pay just $11.80 per set instead of $17 in this hot lash pack! Complete your makeup look with lashes that will make you look and feel fabulously beautiful! Choose 5 styles using the arrows. Be sure to add the lashes in order from Lash 1, Lash 2 and so on to successfully add the 5 pack to your cart.

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  • SARAH JEAN false party strip eyelashes online

    Lash subscription 3 pairs

    **Afterpay is not available for subscription - the above text is a default by Afterpay that cannot be changed. You can pay securely via PayPal or eWay.** Subscribe and save! This is the best way to have the lashes you love delivered monthly straight to you and best of all, by subscribing you receive lashes for an amazingly special price of $29.99. Instead of $51.00 for 3 pairs... That's less than $10 a pair instead of $17 per set! Simply add the lashes you would like and pay securely using PayPal or credit card (not Afterpay). You can cancel anytime and change your preference by logging in.

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  • Sarah Jean false eyelashes SJ001

    SARAH JEAN Lashes SJ001

    SJ001 are super light. The varying lengths of the lash strands, which are in a dainty zig-zag, blend naturally with your real lashes yet beautifully enhance your eyes. SJ001 are ideal for people who want to enhance their real lashes with additional length and thickness yet ensure that it's not obvious you 're wearing false party lashes. People will think you're naturally blessed with beautiful lashes. SJ001 are the most popular...!

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    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Sarah Jean false eyelashes SJ002

    SARAH JEAN Lashes SJ002

    The individual strands of SARAH JEAN lash style SJ002 are dainty and fine yet have enough length to really open your eyes and create a look that’s feminine and striking. The lashes are evenly displayed from shorter on the inner part to longer at the outer part. Perfect for the 50s pinup / vintage / mid-century look, and also perfect for Asian eyes.

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    Rated 4.67 out of 5
  • Sarah Jean false eyelashes SJ003

    SARAH JEAN Lashes SJ003

    SARAH JEAN lash style SJ003 have long, dainty strands that are quite sparse. They are a pretty lash style adding length without being too full... they're far from bulky, fake looking lashes! SJ003 are perfect for the everyday lash wearer. If you already have long lashes, but perhaps they're not as full as you like, these will be perfect for you. SJ003 are also great for people who love the look of eyelash extensions but don't actually want the hassle of extensions as they look super natural looking adding the length we all love.

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  • Sarah Jean false eyelashes SJ004

    SARAH JEAN Lashes SJ004

    The most dramatic style from the SARAH JEAN lash collection, SJ004 are long, fluttery and really make the eyes pop. Despite being the longest of the collection, SJ004 are still light-weight and easy to wear. They add a little drama and enhance your eyes - perfect for photos.

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    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Sarah Jean false eyelashes SJ005

    SARAH JEAN Lashes SJ005

    For a fuller, more dramatic lash, SJ005 are ideal. The criss-crossing of the strands ensures they blend well with your natural lashes while the length creates a lushes, full lash. SJ005 are perfect for weddings, formals or any occasion when you want the ‘wow’ look.

    or 4 payments of $4.25 with Afterpay

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

How To Trim The Lashes For Best Use

You may need to trim a little from the lashes, see the video for how to best do this, but once you do, you’ll be enjoying gorgeous, fuss-free lashes any time you like.If you’re going to reuse them, pop the lashes back onto the blister tray and into the box. If you don’t do this, dust will get on them making them almost impossible to reuse.

The Five Lash Styles Explained

Whatever shape eyes you have, whatever the occasion, there’s a SARAH JEAN lash style to suit. With just five styles, the collection is petite but the styles are very versatile. Dress them up with more makeup and a sexy frock, or keep your makeup minimal for a pretty, subtle daytime look. What you’ll really love is the quality, how flattering they are, how lightweight and comfortable they and how fabulous you’ll feel when people compliment how gorgeous your eyes are framed by fluttery, easy to apply lashes!

What People Are Saying About The SARAH JEAN Lashes

Best lashes I have ever tried and I have been a Makeup Artist for 8 years. So easy to apply on my clients and me. Love the natural look as well!!!! – Amy B.

I love these natural lashes. At my age, I didn’t want anything too obvious – and these are so natural. They are so easy to apply with the applicator! So glad I found Sarah Jean at World Vegan Day in Melbourne! Thoroughly recommend. – Robyn V