Q&A With Makeup Artist & Happy Customer Shannon Nelmes

Q&A With Makeup Artist & Happy Customer Shannon Nelmes
August 24, 2017 Sarah Baker

Q&A with makeup artist Shannon Nelmes

How did you find the Sarah Jean products and what do you think about them?

Like a lot of makeup lovers I was watching a YouTube channel (an amazing girl using all organic cruelty-free products like me) and saw a review on Sarah Jean Lashes and it looked so simple and ticked all my boxes so I had to try. And YES omg I love them I think I wore them everyday for a week 🙂 so easy to use and they stick and stay. Normally I have drama with the inner corners lifting not with this system.

What is your experience with makeup?

I am a qualified Beauty Therapist and Makeup artist. I started my training in high school in 2008 as I just knew this what I always wanted to do. When I had my son I decided I wanted to work for myself so I teamed up with my sister who is a hairdresser and we offer makeup and hair packages. My work slowly moved more and more towards makeup and I became obsessed! I’ve done makeup lessons one on one through to groups, weddings and formals. I love trying new looks and playing around to always improve my techniques

What’s your favourite makeup look or looks?

I love blended smokey eyes with a pop of colour on the lips. My second favourite is the more natural look with bright lips for my lazy days; this just makes the look more flawless and effortless but dramatic all at the same time.

What can people do to make their makeup last longer?

Always have freshly cleansed skin – this is so important as nothing is going to last or look nice if the canvas is not fresh. This goes with priming which is so important for me. Primer works wonders as it smooths the surface of your skin, adds an extra protective layer to help your skin breath, depending on your skin type, it can hydrate dry skin, and to the contrary, it can help oil control for oily skin. Think of it like a priming a wall: you won’t paint a brown wall a bright pink without a primer first as it just wouldn’t look even or as bright as it should. The last simple step is making sure you set your foundation/ concealer. This helps everything last, not slide around, and “mops up” any oils and as well as stops creasing.

Why should someone use contouring products and what advice do you have for best application?

I personally love powder contouring as I have oily skin and for me, too many cream products just doesn’t work. Contouring is something a lot of people are too afraid to do, and it honestly gives the face so much more structure when done right. An easy step would be the “number 3”: start at your forehead, work down to the hollows of the cheeks down to your jaw in the shape of 3. Always start with a little bit of product and add more as you need it.

What type of products do you love and why?

I recently did a big Ingredient study and realised how nasty some of the ingredients are and what they do to your health. I got rid of a lot of toxic makeup products and will only buy natural and organic products. I’ve always gone cruelty-free – there is no need for animal testing at all. More natural simple makeup up products still look flawless and amazing plus it’s so much better for your skin.

Shop the products Shannon uses

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    The 3 Piece Kit includes the eyelash adhesive, tweezers and a set of lashes. It's your answer to gorgeous, easy to apply, mess-free lashes. The glue's just as easy to remove too without damaging your lashes. Gently massage your real lashes for 30 seconds with a cleanser and water. You'll find it forms little clumps that can be wiped away.
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    Dainty Long Light Eyelashes – Very Natural Looking SJ003

    SARAH JEAN lash style SJ003 have long, dainty strands that are quite sparse. They are a pretty lash style adding length without being too full... they're far from bulky, fake looking lashes! SJ003 are perfect for the everyday lash wearer. If you already have long lashes, but perhaps they're not as full as you like, these will be perfect for you. SJ003 are also great for people who love the look of eyelash extensions but don't actually want the hassle of extensions as they look super natural looking adding the length we all love.

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