SARAH JEAN Lashes – A Style For You Whatever Shape Eye You Have Or Occasion

SARAH JEAN Lashes – A Style For You Whatever Shape Eye You Have Or Occasion
December 19, 2016 Sarah Baker
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Small eyes, heavy eyelids… or attending a lunch or evening event, find your lash style here

How To Avoid Feeling Like A Clown In False Lashes…

When it comes to choosing party / false lashes, there are a few things to consider, including the occasion, the shape of your eyes and how comfortable you are with wearing eyelashes…what I mean here is… I once had my makeup done for a wedding. The makeup service included the longest, most fake looking lashes… I felt ridiculous!

Thankfully I had the little sewing scissors on me so I was awkwardly able to trim some of the length off – which isn’t ideal and a little dangerous for anyone that mightn’t have a steady hand like me! This was many years ago before I wore false lashes as often as I do now, so admittedly these days, I may have been ok with wearing them before I trimmed them, but at the time, I just felt silly.

SO….I do not want any SARAH JEAN lash wearer feeling like this!

The five styles range from natural through to sexy, full and long. Even though SJ004 and SJ005 are long and fluttery, they’re still natural looking, really light and most importantly, comfortable.

You can still wear any style regardless of the shape of size of your eyes.

The BEST TIP I can give is to trim them well. If you leave the lashes with just one or two strands too long (strip length not the length of the lash strands), it can make them uncomfortable.  So check and double check you have trimmed enough off before applying the SARAH JEAN adhesive.

Click here to watch the demo video on how to check the lashes are the right size for your eyes.

PS. Ready to transform your lashes…

CLICK HERE to view the lash products and find out why SARAH JEAN is changing lash application at home…for the better!

sarah jean eyelash adhesive

SARAH JEAN customers…looking amazingly beautiful in SJ001

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