Sarah Jean Lashes: 8 Products for Beautiful Lashes By Love Bella Vida

Sarah Jean Lashes: 8 Products for Beautiful Lashes By Love Bella Vida
November 27, 2017 Sarah Baker

Sometime back, I’ve asked a question on Facebook – What do you hate most about applying false lashes?

Here are the common answers.

  • Keeps falling off
    Glue is messy
    Blocks vision
    Doesn’t look natural

We all know I’ve been an avid makeup lover but the one thing that I hate most with a passion is applying false eyelashes. I hate them. I hate how time consuming it is, how messy it is and after all that time spent in front of the mirror (and fan to try to get the glue tacky), these lashes keeps popping out at the tips. It’s embarrassing and it messes up the whole look. On top of all that, it itches like a bitch! Urgh.

So I’ve been happy with just using my mascara and curler and envy girls at functions who can change up their look with gorgeous fluttery lashes and have the patience that I don’t. Isn’t there an easier way to apply these lashes? I may have just found a solution for all our eyelash woes.

You can now experience mess-free, easy lash application with this fabulous revolutionary Lash Kit by Sarah Jean from Australia and I’m bringing these beauties to you, my dear friends and readers in Singapore and the United States! Feel gorgeous with these chic, high-quality, fluttery lashes from the comfort of your home with easy application. What makes the Sarah Jean Lask Kit different? Let me give you an introduction to the products in the kit.

These Sarah Jean lashes are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, synthetic, lightweight, feathery and each of them look very natural. It comes in 5 designs to choose from for different occasions – SJ001 – SJ005.

Look Book featuring Sarah Jean Lashes coming soon.

The Sarah Jean Adhesive comes in a mascara tube and is anti-allergenic, latex free, water soluble and comes in clear or black. No need to sit in front of a fan to get the glue tacky or spend the next few minutes blowing on your lashes. Just apply these babies like you would a mascara, put your falsies on and you’re ready to run the world! Say bye Felicia to messy eye makeup and gross fingers!

How to Apply Sarah Jean Lashes with Adhesive coming soon.

The Tweezer Applicator tool makes applying the lashes even easier without needing to touch your lashes or eyes with your fingers and it looks gorgeous in your makeup bag too.

How to Apply Sarah Jean Lashes with Tweezer Applicator coming soon.

Sarah Jean products are also Cruelty-Free and certified by PETA so you can be sure that no animals were harmed making these. Yay to vegans, Muslims and animal lovers!

The Sarah Jean fake lashes glue

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