SARAH JEAN Introduces The World’s First Party Eyelash Adhesive With A Mascara Style Applicator Brush

Transforming short, fair or damaged lashes into beautiful, full, glam lashes

Gone are the days of messy lashes application… or for ladies sworn off expensive and often damaging eyelash extensions, SARAH JEAN offers an affordable, easy to use, damage-free, at-home solution for beautiful lashes.

Watch to learn more about the SARAH JEAN collection and why it’s so innovative.

The SARAH JEAN products in action!

Forget about sticky fingers and smudged eye shadow!

Introducing the world’s first party eyelash glue that applies like mascara. Have a little practice run using the lashes and tweezers without the adhesive. Once you feel comfortable with the process, you’ll enjoy mess free, fuss free, sexy lashes as easy as this.