How To Master Your Lash Application…even if your eyesight isn’t so good!

How To Master Your Lash Application…even if your eyesight isn’t so good!
December 7, 2016 Sarah Baker
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Changing Lash Application At Home For The Better

Top tips for fabulous lashes…even if your eyesight isn’t so good!

You may squint when reading…need to have the font on your phone REALLY BIG but that doesn’t mean you have to go without having beautiful, luscious lashes enhanced by fabulous false eyelashes!

Watch this video tutorial where I cover off some handy tips to make the lash application easy, even if you have poor eyesight.


The key steps:

  1. Stand close to a mirror (avoid standing across a basin if you can) or better yet, use a magnifying mirror.
  2. Make sure the area is well lit.
  3. Check the lashes for size – line up the outer part of the SARAH JEAN false eyelash (the longer part) to the outer part of your eye. Press towards your nose. If it’s digging in, you know you need to trim. (watch the video on how to check for size HERE)
  4. The lashes are in segments – trim the right and lash eyelash before using the adhesive.
  5. Have a practice run without the SARAH JEAN adhesive.
    1. Stand really close to the mirror.
    2. Tilt your head back so your eyes go down – do not close your eyes!
    3. Line up the outer of the SARAH JEAN false eyelash to the outer part of your eye, and use the SARAH JEAN tweezer applicator tool and your fingertips to position the false eyelash.
    4. Make sure there’s no space between the false eyelash strip and your lash line – have a couple of attempts without the SARAH JEAN adhesive until you get the positioning right.
  6. Instead of applying the adhesive to your real lashes (without mascara), instead, apply the adhesive to the false eyelash strip – adding extra adhesive to the ends to prevent them from lifting – take the tweezers and use your fingers to position the false lash.
  7. Then take the tip of the eyelash adhesive to apply a little adhesive to your real lashes.
  8. Take the tweezers and clamp your real eyelashes and false eyelashes together.
  9. Finish by applying mascara if your wish using the tip of the mascara brush only (avoid brushing on the mascara and shifting the false lash).

With a little practice, these steps will become seamless and you’ll enjoy beautiful lashes any time you like applied with ease!

Yours in luscious lashes!

Sarah xo

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Comments (3)

  1. Jenny 2 years ago

    Very helpful thanks

  2. Jo 2 years ago

    So yesterday I wore my lashes to the lunch, watched the tutorial, got them on so much easier except I had trouble with each of the ends sticking down. Might have to use the tip of the wand next time.
    But a great result and the tutorial was very helpful

  3. Sarah Elizabeth 2 years ago

    This was so very helpful! I have always positioned my head wrong and attempted to apply with my eyes closed. I tried this and instantly and perfectly applied my Sarah Jean lashes. I’m officially obsessed. Thank you for spelling it out so clearly to this rookie.

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